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Stamps & Registration Department Uttarakhand is a major revenue earning branch of the State Government with the responsibility of recording and safe keeping of various property related transactions of the citizens. With e-registration initiative department is offering citizen-friendly, hassle-free & transparent services to the stake holders, and web based application offers services to register property transactions through online Public Data Entry (PDE) under Registration Act,1908 and marriages in more hassle-free manner according to the Uttarakhand Compulsory Marriage Act, 2010. You can enter data online relating to registration of her/his document and marriage application. This ensured correctness of data as well as saves time taken for data entry at any Sub-Registrar’s office, thus expediting registration process. The Department is responsible for the registration of transactions of various kinds, most important of which are transactions of properties. The main objective of law of registration is to provide a conclusive proof of genuineness of document, afford publicity to transaction and prevent fraud. Registration of a document is a notice to the public by way of definite recorded information to the world at large to enable public to verify the records and enquire there from the right, title and obligations if any on any immovable property. Further the department is acting as a "Royal record keeper", by preserving age old records and providing copies of the records held by it to provide as proof of genuineness in the Court of Law.